The Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian

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The County

Main Sections

Foreword Professor Rosalind Mitchison

  1. Introduction Stephen Bunyan & Sonia Baker
  2. The County in 1945 Ian Brown

Geography & Environment

  1. Population Michael Anderson
  2. Parish Identity Graham Morton
  3. The Landscape Carol Anderson & Frazer McNaughton
  4. Climate Change? A Statistical Account of Flowering in East Lothian: 1978-2001 Fred Last, Adrian Roberts & Desmond Patterson
  5. Country Houses Stephen A Bunyan
    1. Appendix 1: More Details of Houses
    2. Appendix 2: Other Grade A Listed Buildings
    3. Appendix 3: Gardens & Designed Landscapes

Belief in the County

  1. The Church of Scotland Kenneth DF Walker
    1. Charges and Congregations
  2. Roman Catholic Communities Michael TRB Turnbull
  3. Methodism Margaret Batty
  4. Methodist Ministers from 1945 Dr Margaret Batty
  5. The Episcopal Church Stephen A Bunyan
  6. Glossary & Summary of Churches, Services & Clergy Stepehn A Bunyan
  7. Swapping a tractor for a computer, an interview with Abbot Donald McGlynn, Sancta Maria Abbey, Nunraw by Michael TRB Turnbull


  1. The Mass Housing Drive Dr Miles Glendinning
  2. Local Authority Housing c1977 - 2000 Bruce Walker

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  1. Health in the County Helen Zealley
  2. Overview of Health Services Helen Zealley
  3. General Practice: Overview Helen Zealley
  4. General Practice in East Lothian, 1946-1966 Dr J S Milne
  5. Healthcare for the Local Community, 1966-1990 Dr G Kennedy
  6. General Practice in East Lothian, 1990-2000 Dr A Davies
  7. Hospital Services Helen Zealley
    1. Roodlands Hospital, 1975-2000 Dr Roger J Kellett
    2. Roodlands Hospital, 1972-1991 Mr Graham Meikle
    3. The Work of a Small Hospital (1969) Maggie J McDonald
    4. 'Shut the door ... in case the germs get out' Maggie J McDonald
    5. Happy Memories of Roodlands Hospital Maggie J McDonald
    6. Nursing Memories Maggie J McDonald
    7. East Fortune Hospital & Sanatorium, 1951-1954 Emeritus Professor J Williamson CBE FRCPE DSc
    8. The First East Lothian Geriatric Service at East Fortune Hospital Dr JS Milne
    9. Herdmanflat Hospital and East Lothian Mental Health Services Dr Lindsay Waddell
    10. ELCAP Linda Headland
  8. Health Services: Hospitals Helen Zealley
  9. Public Health Helen Zealley

Social Care

  1. The Promotion of Social Welfare in Communities David K Affleck
  2. Promoting Social Welfare: Learning Disability David K Affleck
  3. Promoting Social Welfare: Timeline David K Affleck


  1. Education Annemarie Allan & Jane Bonnar
  2. Summary of Secondary Schools
  3. School rolls 1980 - 2000

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  1. Crime and Policing Edward McMillan


  1. For Home And Country: the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute in East Lothian Margaret E Morrison
  2. Office Bearers East Lothian Federation: Scottish Women's Rural Institute Margaret E Morrison
  3. Notes on Federation Reports, 1945 - 2000, SWRI Margaret E Morrison


  1. Overview of Economic Development Martin Higgins
  2. Economic & Industrial Chronology Sonia Baker
  3. Water Supply Alex Kerr
  4. Review of Manufacturing Industries Michael Cox
  5. The Co-operative Society in the County Bob McArthur & Sonia Baker
  6. The Co-operative Society - Working Conditions Bob McArthur
  7. Tourism Dr Alastair Durie
  8. East Lothian Tourist Board Raymond Binnie
  9. The Coal Industry George Archibald
  10. Coalfield Welfare Ian JS McAlpine
  11. Women Against Pit Closures Ella Egan
  12. From March to March: the Miners' Strike 1984 - 1985 Rab Amos
  13. Opencast Coal Extraction to 2000 Ian K Brash
  14. Railways Andrew M. Hajducki
  15. The Story of the A1 in the County Sonia Baker

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The Arts

  1. Art and Artists John Busby ARSA RSW
  2. Crafts and Craftspeople Sally Smith
    Summary of main workshops
  3. An Overview of Music Joan Bassett

The Land

  1. Farming Fiona Dobson & George Barton
  2. Migrant and Seasonal Workers Heather Holmes
  3. Father Michael Cassidy: The Potato Priest Michael TRB Turnbull
  4. The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) in East Lothian: 1983-2000 Michael Williams
  5. Forestry Jim Affleck
  6. The Countryside Premium Scheme (Scotland), 1997-2000 Sonia Baker
  7. Countryside Management and the East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service Neil Clark


  1. Local Government Malcolm Duncan
  2. The Local Government Administrative Areas 1975 - 2000 Douglas Buttenshaw
  3. National Politics in East Lothian Ewan A Cameron
  4. In Memory of John P. Mackintosh Gerald O'Brien
  5. East Lothian Politics: a Personal Perspective John Home Robertson MSP
  6. Musselburgh Politics: a Personal View Gavin Strang MP
  7. Recollections of my time as MP for East Lothian Michael Ancram
  8. The Lieutenancy Stephen Bunyan

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The Armed & Associated Services

  1. Military East Lothian Diana M Henderson
  2. The Armed Services in the County Stephen A Bunyan
  3. Civil Defence Stepehn A Bunyan
  4. Cadet Force Organisations Stephen A Bunyan

Revisiting the Past

  1. The Archaeology of East Lothian, 1945 - 2000 Olwyn Owen
  2. Protecting Ancient Monuments Olwyn Owen
  3. Archaeological Developments & Discoveries at Traprain Law Fraser Hunter
  4. East Lothian Antiquarian & Field Naturalists' Society: a Brief History Stepehn A Bunyan


  1. Population by Parish, 1931 - 2001
  2. Miscellaneous population statistics
  3. 1931-1991: Population by Burgh
  1. Additional Information & Selected Bibliography

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